Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dekker, Dekker, Dekker

Peer pressure. So bittersweet. I blame my internet friends for this addiction I have now. It's only been-- what-- a week? And I've finished three books! Three! Not saying it's unusual. Dekker has an interesting way of writing. Addicting. Exhilirating. Interesting. Amusing. I don't know! But, yeah.
School's out. Heh heh. no more stress! But I've been playing MapleStory everyday for 7 hours a day. (Zip it. I'm bored) Waiting to go to Texas, I guess. Nearly two weeks away.
And, another thing. I'm very  sad about my friend, Matthew. He's in the hospital. Went into cardic arrest. Really don't know what to say. All I know to do is pray, pray, pray. I haven't cried... yet. Things like this make me cry...easily but not so easily. Pretty lame.
So, yeah. I rather be doing stuff on my list than sitting around... doing nothing. Yup.

Live it(while I have no life),
Stefani B.

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