Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seriously... *TDS*

My mum isn't home yet. And I should have been in bed, like 19 minutes ago. I have rebel written all over me. Eh...
Mr. Barker, my principal, issued no homework all week. I'm needing that. Praise God!
Wild Adventures is this Friday, and I'm hoping that my three best friends(Aleah, Sarah, and Callie) and I are put together in a group. If not... *sigh*
I might be doing video journals. So, be excited. ;)
But then again, I might be cameralady to avoid being seen! Mwahahaha! But, all of you would hate that. Annnd, I'm available for calls. *innocent whistle* So, you just might wanna slip your number in my Facebook inbox; if not, then AIM or e-mail. And I'll warn you: I speak fast and quietly... kinda, so it would be nice to do a three way call or something. Hehe. Gotta go.

Live it,
Stefani B.

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