Monday, May 3, 2010

First off..

Written April 27th 2010.

by Abby Jeanson
I never met you.
I never saw you.
I never even talked to you.
Yet, in my heart, there is a place for you.
Of the things I've read of your battle.
I heard it was an epic battle
Between you and that sickening beast.
He poisoned you here and poisoned you there.
But you fought until today. The day
You were carried away from that sickening beast
Which gave you all that pain.
And those who cherished and loved you
Will gravely miss you everyday.
Remember this, dear love, that forever and always
You will be loved even after this day.

So, yeah. My inspiration to live better is Meghan.
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Okay. Yeah...

Live it,

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