Saturday, May 8, 2010

No voice.

Wild Adventures. The best trip during school. Excluding the ride to and the ride from. The rides were amazing. My group actually decided to highfive all the people we passed by; it was called "Highfive Friday". And soon, the trend started going around the park. So, that was pretty awesome. But, of course, Morgan and her crew had to kill our fun. "When you get sick because of all those germs, I will laugh!" ...Yeah. Love you too?
Everything went well. We met some workers there at one of our favourite thrill rides. Stanley and Nick. Pretty cool guys. And then we met some random person. His name was... James. He was cool as well.
I bought a new lightsaber. It has three colours! =)
My voice is gone(hence the title of the blog) because of screaming contests. Quite interesting. Yes, I did win. =P
I'll have to upload the videos(none of me ;) ) and pictures later.

Live it,
Stefani B.


  1. Tri-color lightsaber? :O *do want*

  2. Yes, ma'am. Red, white, and blue. So I can be a Jedi and a Sith at the same time. I'ma traitor. :P