Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm really supposed to be studying for the Literature final exam tomorrow. But, I don't want to. And I don't know why. Maybe because I didn't have a week's notice of when the exam was...
...Yeah, probably the reason why. The sub did not give us the date of our exams in Literature because she "did not know when the date was". Excuse me? She should have known because obviously she's the sub! I was shocked when she kept repeating that excuse to my class and I. She finally gave us the date on Wednesday. The exams is Monday, and you give me the date of the exam on Wednesday. Something wrong with that picture? I think so. I don't have time to study for that exams because I'm way too busy studying for my Spelling and History exams that were on Friday. I'm also busy by staying at school and helping Callie and the council with the decorations for the banquet! And I could have studied yesterday but my family is here and they wanted to go shopping. So... here I am. Wishing I had more time to study. Wishing I had of known when the exam was. Wishing that my teacher wouldn't have given us that lame excuse of hers.
But, I learned to forget. ...and forgive.

Live it,
Stefani B.

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