Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My list.

I'll have to put this up somewhere else later...

  1. Learn French
  2. Go to Canada
  3. Surf in Hawaii
  4. Learn how to play Chinese Checkers.
  5. See what it's like to be a nun.
  6. Meet, hug, and visit my interwebz friends (Roadtrip?)
  7. Give Brandon a really long and tight hug.
  8. Travel the world in 80 days.
  9. Smile all day at least one time in my life
  10. Make my own style. =3
  11. Hug people all day for free.
  12. Witness to strangers all day.
  13. Sky-dive.
  14. Disneyland with Gus.
  15. Get married. *cough*
  16. Go to Italy, Japan, and Switzerland with Gus. :)
  17. Bungee-jump

  18. White-water raft.

  19. Repel down a waterfall.

  20. Stargaze.

  21. Backpack in Switzerland.

  22. Visit Narnia and Middle-Earth(Don't crush my dreams)

  23. Sit down and have a nice chat over coffee(or tea) with a homeless person. Then, let him come live with me for a week. ('Cause I've always wanted to help a homeless person)

  24. Write a book.

  25. Attend a Flyleaf concert.

  26. Attend a AILD concert *As I Lay Dying

  27. Attend a ABR concert *August Burns Red

  28. Level to 120 on MapleStory.

  29. Buy a black flowing dress.

  30. Live in a castle. I prefer gothic style.

  31. Swim with a whale-shark

  32. Ride the tallest coaster

  33. Ride the fastest coaster

  34. Become better at basketball.

  35. Start to love Star Wars

  36. Finish my huge book list. *one fourth of the way as of June 20th*

  37. Break a leg or an arm.

  38. Drive on Route 66.

  39. Go on a mission trip. 

  40. Make a rose garden.

  41. Ride a gondola.

  42. Ride on a stallion.

  43. Drive a Ferrari

  44. Make it to four years.

  45. Die of a lightning strike...

Live it,
Stefani B.
EDIT: I cut it down and added a few.


  1. You can do at the very very least five of those things in NZ... ;)

  2. Once I fulfill a dream on my list to buy a house in Switzerland you can come visit while you're backpacking :P

  3. Kezia: Yeah, I know. One of my first stops on my 80-day world tour. ;)
    Courtney: Sweet! I would love that.