Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I don't understand anymore... [/a vent]

I really don't understand life anymore. I don't understand how you can wake up one day and life can be peachy and the next day it's hell on earth! I don't understand. Both of my parents are drinking now. It doesn't make sense! And it's funny(not really) how they expect me to not notice their crap. And they expect me not to care! And they expect me not to understand what they're doing! But, I do! And it hurts! I just want to wake up one day and it be paradise or whatever. I just want one day for all the bad things to go away. They're like monsters. And thank God that I don't care for suicide. Because if I did, I would be hanging by now! The only thing I long for is... aloneness.

Stefani B.

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