Friday, August 20, 2010

I hate cancer.

I've hated cancer since the day I found out my grandmother was going to die of lung cancer in 2005. I've hated cancer even more the day Meghan died. I've hated cancer even more when a fellow Girl Scout lost her beautiful red hair and was diagnosed with leukemia. I've hated cancer even MORE since the day I found out about a 15-year-old with leukemia. She only has three months to live, the doctors say.
We take life for granted everyday-- I TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED EVERYDAY WHILE PEOPLE ARE DYING OF CANCER, DISEASE. And I take life for granted everyday! Lauren, the fifteen year old, hasn't been to school for a very long time. She hasn't been hanging with her friends at the mall or whatever. She has been stuck in a hospital for God knows how long! while I'm wasting every single breath! And I walk around boohooing about this and that when... this girl... she can't even... go outside without collapsing.
This Life is Wee-ary, A Tear - a Sigh. A Love that Chan-ges, This Life is Wee-ary, A Tear - a Sigh. A Love that Chan-ges, And then ... Good-bye! This Life is Wee-ary, Hope comes to Die. A Dream - a Wa-kening.
Life is beautiful but so short. And I can't stand death. Death after death after death. Sometimes I wish I could change positions with someone. I would do anything to take Lauren's cancer. Or take Natalie's flu. Or die for Matthew. Anything... But, you have to learn to let go.

Carried to The Table - Leeland

Live it,
Stefani B.

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