Monday, August 2, 2010

Can has break nao?

Ugh. I'm still getting ready for school, which starts in a week. Where'd summer go? I recall when I first stepped out of school, tasting the freedom and ready for summer to begin. Now, I'm kissing the break 'goodbye' as I head back to school. Don't get me wrong. I love school with all my heart. I love when I wake in the morning and head to school. No, I'm lying. I hate that part. But after I get there, I love school. Mom tells me not to stress over school. Uh... I can't help it. I'll check my new, pretty purple binder everyday to see if I have everything, which I do. But, I'm scared I don't, even though I know I do. And the classes are making me worry. I'm excited about everything except music paces, PE, and biology. I'm a bit nervous about Bible. New teacher, new teaching, new surroundings. But, I've had this teacher for the last three years just not in Bible. Ha.
But, I need a break. A spiritual lift. Get back on my feet. Like, the new Gatorade series. Before, during, after. Prime, Perform, Recover(Thank you, google for that info). I just need to take a deep breath... before the plunge... into schoolwork.
Life is good, btw. Thanks for asking. My dad has stopped drinking... again. I think I'm on a rollercoaster. Oh, wait. I am. Up, down, up, down, corkscrew, brake!... down, up, incline, fall, screams, loop, corkscrew, brake!... Fin. Mom and I are pretty good, I guess. And the visit from my sister, two nieces, and nephew went great. I finally realized my sister loves me(except that one time she kept asking me questions at the restaurant. I wanted to shove a fry in her mouth). My birthday is coming up. I feel. old. I'm only turning fifteen but my bones pop. And I'm wayyy too young for that, right?
Well, I'm done. Sorry for the huge lack of posts. I promise, when school starts, I'll have plenty to talk about.

Live it,
Stefani B.

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