Monday, December 20, 2010

My Hero.

Everyone has a hero, I believe. I do have other heroes, more like adults. But I have one hero that's a teenager and her name is Kayla. Kayla is my best friend; without her, I would be dead. The only problem is we live far away(not that far. We're neighboring states). I met Kayla when I was thirteen on MyPraize. And I'll be honest, I hated her for no apparent reason when we met.
Anyways, why is she my hero, you ask?

  1. Well, she sets a good example for me. Yes, she does mess up. But I never said she was Superman or Jesus. 
  2. We have the same likings. Music, clothing, humor, etc. And I didn't try to be like her. It just happened and a connection was there.
  3. She's gone through a good amount of problems the last year or so. And yes, so have I. But it's the same continuous problem. Problems seem to pop out of nowhere for her, IMHO. Things do happen for a purpose. But I can't help but ask God why she has to endure this. I'll forever be there for Kayla when I can. 
  4. Somehow, she can endure my stupidity and temper tantrums. There's only four people who can do that: God, Gus, Kayla, and Hannah.
  5. She's awesome. I can't describe her awesomeness but she's awesome. 
  6. Her statuses sometimes on Facebook make me laugh. For example: "I h8 when ppl type lik dis. Everyone is required to take an English class where they learn how to use grammar properly. Use that skill. That is all. Goodnight."
  7. Kayla's too classy for you.
  8. She constantly makes me lose the game. And it makes my days. I lost the game, by the way.
  9. She's very, very, very, very pretty. 
  10. (Repeat number 5). Told you she's awesome.
I love you, Kayla. <3 

Live it, 
Stefani B.

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